Photography was my first love and my work covered a wide spectrum of interests, processes and techniques. For 35 years I was a consumate black & white photographer. Although much of my work could be called landscape, I feel it is more about subtle relationships than grand vistas. I place emphasis on line, tone, form and compositional relationships. Fifteen years ago i moved my photography completely into the digital realm which  allows me the freedom to simplify and to blur the borders between black and white and color, between photography and other art forms, and especially between the real and the perceived. 

At some point these ideas led me back to painting, a medium I had not used since I was in my twenties. Compositional techniques and points of view demonstrated in my photographic work readily transferred into my painting and drawing.  Soon I found that, not only does my photography influence my painting, but also my painting influences my photography.In 2012, I had an epiphany of sorts and began combining both photography and painting in the computer. These images often start with a photograph and use digital brushes and various software, filters and/or screens to develop a scene. The resultant works are neither photographs nor paintings but an amalgamation of the two into something new. I now find my options for expressing my vision are truly limitless.

© David Higgins 2016        All artwork is COPYRIGHTED  by David Higgins AND CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT HIS EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.